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Voluminous Paleozoic sandstone sequences were deposited in northern Africa and Arabia following an extended Neoproterozoic orogenic cycle that culminated in the assembly of Gondwana.

We measured sensitive high-resolution ion microprobe (SHRIMP) U-Pb ages of detrital zircons separated from several Cambrian units in the Elat area of southern Israel in order to unravel their provenance.

The overlying non-evaporitic, molassic, clastic (with lesser carbonate) rocks that make up the remainder of the latter group, accompanied basin inversion during the ~590 to 500 Ma Pan-African Lufilian orogeny.

Significant, stratabound, sediment hosted copper and/or cobalt deposits in the DRC are found within the: lower Mines Subgroup (e.g., the Kolwezi Klippe and Tenke-Fungurume clusters, each with 2.6% Cu).

Sedimentología, reconstrucción paleoambiental y significado tectónico de las sucesiones clásticas del Jurásico Medio en el área de Texcalapa, Puebla-Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca: Revisión de las formaciones Ayuquila y Tecomazúchil Sedimentology, paleoenvironmental reconstruction and tectonic significance of Middle Jurassic clastic successions in the Texcalapa, Puebla– Huajuapan de León, Oaxaca area: review of the Ayuquila and Tecomazúchil formations Departamento de Ingeniería Geológica, Facultad de Ingeniería, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Circuito Interior, Ciudad Universitaria, Delegación Coyoacán, 04510 México D. *[email protected] propone subdividir la sucesión clástica pre-Oxfordiano de la cuenca Ayuquila en dos unidades litoestratigráficas, con base en el reconocimiento de una discordancia angular mayor en el análisis de facies, así como en fechamientos de circones magmáticos y detríticos.

Se documenta que la sucesión se acumuló mediante sistemas fluviales trenzados con drenaje principal hacia el sur, bajo un clima inicialmente semiárido durante el Bajociano-Bathoniano y que se tornó más húmedo en el Calloviano, tal vez como respuesta del desplazamiento de la región meridional de México a una posición más ecuatorial.

Rocks of the Saharan metacraton and the southern Afif terrane in Saudi Arabia (∼1000 km south of Elat) are plausible sources of these zircons.

Kibaran basement rocks are currently exposed more than 3000 km south of Elat (flanking the Mozambique belt), but the shape of the detrital zircons of that age and the presence of feldspar in the host sandstone are not fully consistent with such a long-distance transport.

Reworking of Neoproteorozoic glacial detritus may explain the presence of Kibaran detrital zircons in the Cambrian of Elat, but the possibility that the Arabian-Nubian shield contains Kibaran rocks (hitherto not recognized) should also be explored.

The Katangan Supergroup sequence commences with the Roan Group, composed of an early, oxidised, mainly clastic, rift phase, including the Lower Roan Subgroup, deposited in a number of connected intracontinental rift basins in Zambia.

The rift-stage rocks were overlain by a thermal sag phase sequence of largely reduced, mixed evaporitic carbonate and finer clastic rocks of the Upper Roan Subgroup in Zambia. Subgroup unit is interpreted to represent the residue following later dissolution of a thick salt/evaporite unit, overlain by largely reduced, transgressive, mixed evaporitic carbonate and finer clastic rocks enclosing a number of regressive phases, which together constitute the Mines and Dipeta Subgroups.

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